Venn Festival: Live To Air + Demo Clash

Fri 2 June 2006 // 18:00

The third year of wayward musical magick is upon us. Venn is based in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol and spills into special venues throughout the city, featuring bespoke music line-ups, free events, processions, radio sessions, workshops, installations and a roving sense of discovery.

LIVE-TO-AIR (free festival-launch event)
(Fri 2nd / 6.30pm-midnight / free / all ages welcome)

Celebrate the inauguration of Venn 06 with Radio Venn as a host of experts, misfits and digital superstars take to the stage for a live-to-air show, featuring Radio Venn DJs, the infamous Demo Clash, Mr_Hopkinson’s Computer Sings… and a staged-based radio excursion into the wires of the electric machine by Ann Shenton (Large Number, Add n to x).

(Fri 2nd / 7.45pm / free / no booking necessary)

Panelists: Ann Shenton (Add N To X /White Label Music); Adam Burrows (Blood Red Sounds / Choke); Graeme Howell (Colston Hall); Ned Beckett (Warp/Littlebig); Tony Morley (Leaf Label).

A hugely entertaining and insightful live debate involving five music people panelists who listen to and discuss excerpts of previously unheard music demos before a live studio audience, throwing in the opinions/advice along the way. The mixture of expertise of the panelists range from Tour Agent, Break-Core Festival Programmer, Venue Coordination, Bristol Music Tsar, Indie record label, adventurous post-digital pioneer.

Send in your demo to Venn (see website for guidelines and address details), chip in on the debate or simply turn up.