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Bristolian Mediterranean Short Film Festival

Sat 13 June 2015 // 17:30
Sun 21 June 2015 // 17:30

Tickets: £7 per day, £12 joint ticket

Come join us for two days of short films plus a taste of Mediterranean food at the Bristolian Mediterranean Short Film Festival.

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The second edition of Bristolian Mediterranean Short Film Festival is a particular initiative which views the Mediterranean area as a protagonist. Over the two days more than 20 short films will be shown, from the people and cultures of the Mediterranean Sea. Including countries like Turkey, Italy, Tunisia, Spain, Egypt and others.

The program will give you an opportunity to delight in some internationally-recognized films from the region, providing a diverse selection of genres and themes. From drama and comedy to animation and experimental films, covering a panoply of social, political and historical circumstances.  During the festival, you will be able to not only enjoy the cinema, but also get a wider vision of the Mediterranean, in all its geographic and cultural variety. 

Festival Programme

Saturday 13th June 2015

La gallina/ The Hen

Director: Manel Raga; Release Year: 2013; Runtime. 17'; Country: Catalonia; Language: no dialogue

Duku Spacemarines

Director: La mécanique du plastique; Release Year: 2012; Runtime. 4’; Country: France; Language: French;

Dead End

Director: Ahmed Aboub; Release Year: 2014; Runtime. 8’ 37”; Country: Libya/UK; Language:Arabic

Alf Rahma we Nour/ Rest in peace

Director: Dina Abd Elsalam; Release Year: 2014; Runtime. 16’; Country: Egypt; Language: Arabic

Urka Burka

Director: Giorgio Borgazzi; Release Year: 2011; Runtime: 10’ 35”; Language: Italian

5 ways 2 die

Director: Daina Papadaki; Release Year: 2014; Runtime. 15' 02''; Country: Cyprus; Language: Greek


Reconciliación/ Reconciliation

Director: Ádel Kháder;  Release Year: 2010; Runtime: 17’; Country: Spain; Language: Spanish

Red Hulk

Director: Asimina Proedrou; Release Year: 2013; Runtime. 28’; Country: Greece; Language: Greek

Draw Breath

Director: Filippo Chiesa; Release Year: 2014; Runtime. 3’ 47”; Country: Italy;

Darka/ The dinner

Director: Suela Bako; Release Year: 2014; Runtime: 15’; Country: Albania; Language: Albanian

Papa dans mama/Dad in Mum

Director: Fabrice Bracq; Release Year: 2014; Runtime. 6’ 10”; Country: France; Language: French

Sunday 21st June 2015

LImpresa/The bussines

Director: David Labanti; Release Year: 2014; Runtime. 15’; Country: Italy; Language: Italian

March 9th

Director: Irena Skotic; Release Year: 2010; Runtime: 9’; Country: Croatia; Language: Croatian

Quand ils dorment/ When they sleep

Director: Maryam Touzani; Release Year: 2013; Runtime. 18'; Country: Morocco; Language: Arabic


Director: Nikola Majdak Jr, Ana Nedeljkovic; Release Year: 2013; Runtime. 7'; Country: Serbia and Montenegro; Language: English

Paleosol 80

Director: Amir Yatziv; Release Year: 2013; Runtime. 17' 40''; Country: Israel; Language: Hebrew;

El Alpinista/The Alpinist

Director: Oriol Segarra García-Granados and Adrián Ramos Alba; Release Year: 2014; Runtime. 4’; Country: Spain; Language: Spanish


Dört Yapraklı Yonca/ Four leaf clover

Director: Hakan Berber; Release Year: 2013; Runtime. 13’ 44”; Country: Turkey; Language: Turkish;


Director: Joan Baz; Release Year: 2012; Runtime. 1’ 52”; Country: Lebanon


Director: Mehdi M. Barsaoui; Release Year: 2013; Runtime. 18’; Country: Tunisia; Language: Arab, Tunisain dialect

Land of Men -Tripoli stories-

Director: Kelly Ali; Release Year: 2014; Runtime. 4’ 07”; Country: Libya/UK; Language: Arabic

 La Rosa del Desierto/ The Rose from the Desert

Director: Emilio Alonso; Release Year: 2014; Runtime. 26'; Country: Spain; Language: Spanish, French, Arabic


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