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Horseplay & The Cube Present

Cruising & Interior. Leather Bar

Cruising: Dir: William Friedkin, 1980, USA, 102 mins, Cert: 18. Interior. Leather Bar: Dir:James Franco & Travis Matthews, 2013, USA, 60 mins, Cert: 18

Sat 25 April 2015 // 16:00

Tickets: £4 each film / Joint Ticket £6

A sleazy neon lit double bill starting at 4pm with William Freidkin's controversial  1980 thriller Cruising, starring Al Pacino as an undercover cop investigating a series of murders in the gay New York  S&M scene. Following this at 6.30pm is Interior. Leather Bar..the James Franco co-penned film which takes its inspiration from the supposed 40 minutes of hardcore footage cut from the Freidkin original.

Book tickets for 4pm screening of CRUISING

Book tickets for 6.30pm screening of INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. 

(an automatic discount of £2 will be applied if you purchase tickets for both screenings)