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Hellfire Video Club


Robert Young,1972, UK, 87 mins, Cert 18

Fri 3 July 2015 // 20:00

Tickets: £5

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Starting with a rousing 12-minute pre-credit prologue, this late Hammer starts as it means to go on with all the usual vivid red blood, nudity and suave 70s coiffured vampire action. And that’s just the beginning, as it delivers all the fun of the circus, from a transmogrifying sexy black panther of the four legged kind, a pair of youthful aerialists cum vampire bats whose act hypnotises the youth of the damned village, a whirlwind of interpretive dance in the form of a tiger lady, not to mention local legend Dave Prowse as a stony-faced mute strongman.  But they’ve got to be there for a reason, right??

Yep, and it involves everything you might expect from revenge plots, to lost virginity, to quite special special effects. This eccentric entry from the famed horror studio is suffused with an outdoorsy rural folk horror vibe that fits the summer nights like a glove.

Plus! Stick around for a second surprise feature promising more circus freakshow action. Hellfire DJs will be spinning hushed folk and carnivalesque shufflers in the bar.