Fri 14 January 2005 // 20:00

PIRANDELO + Flicker + Music on a Long Thin Wire
(Fri 14th / 8pm / £5)

We kick off the Cube's 2005 music calender with a feast of sound and light fantastic.

Featuring an unmissable cross media performance from renowned Italian collective PIRANDELO, who combine the sweet new glitch laptop trickery of multi
instrumentalist Andrea Gabriele (of Tu M'/Mou, Lips! fame) with warm super8 and video abstractions from Marita Cosma and Fennesz collaborator and veteran VJ, Claudio Sinatti. One for fans of TO ROCCOCO ROT, THE REMOTE VIEWER and FENNESZ.
In FLICKER, the VJ takes centre stage. VJ Rodell creates minimalist video collages using cameras set in mini sculptural installations to transform base matter into light spectacular. With accompaniment from LOVEWIG's trademark microbeats.

Plus the latest in a series of BUGBRAND installations - this month Alvin Lucier's classic drone piece, 'Music on a Long Thin Wire'. The wire in question is extended across the stage and magnetically amplified (like an electric guitar). The wire reacts to subtle environmental changes to create eerily modulating pure tones, drones and harmonics.