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Vialka present "A l'abri des regards indiscrets: A Minimalist Dinner Opera" + Derdniks

Fri 21 March 2014 // 20:00

Fri 21st March, 8pm doors, £8 advance, £10 on the door

Nomadic French rock duo and long-time Cube favourites Vialka present their latest genre-bending experiment, a "dinner opera in one act and 12 ordeals" written and composed by Marylise Frecheville and Eric Boros.

During a fallacious dinner à l'abri des regards indiscrets ("out of sight of prying eyes"), a couple attempt to discuss the evils that have consumed them: palaver, cuisine and sex are melted into sounds, rhythms, and a particular transnational sense of humour. It's a breathless, ridiculous and nasty duel in which things no longer seem to make sense and both parts get slowly destroyed.

The opera will be released in 2014 as a hand-bound and embossed libretto with accompanying CD.

This evening, support is from Bristol's Derdniks, who'll be playing their long-awaited first gig. See Derdniks on Facebook.
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Vialka - À l'Abri des Regards Indiscrets (Épilogue) from Vialka