Nscu Groworld Pocket-ecologies

Sat 30 April 2005 // 10:00

'GROWORLD POCKET-ECOLOGIES' a short introduction to guerrilla gardening SATURDAY 30th April / 10pm-4pm / Venue: The Sea Scout Hut, Redcliffe Wharf
A day of mapping, making seed balls and scattering via a city roam.

The GroWorld initiative germinated from a fascination with the
robustness and diversity of things that grow. We are spawning a
trans-local edge-habitat, a distributed network of public
gardens, planted on abandoned or otherwise 'de-activated' sites
in urban and sub-urban environments around the globe.

Vegetation will be encouraged to sprout in the nooks, crannies and corners of the city via 'seed ball' operations.

Different species of native wild plants will be selected, including
ground-covers, shrubs, grasses, flowering plants, bushes and trees. All seeds are then thoroughly mixed together with plant compost and red or brown clay and then rolled into 'seed-balls',complete eco-systems
contained in a hard protective shell of dried clay.

A map of potentially fertile, but neglected sites in city-centres,
industrial and residential areas will be researched and used. The
seed-balls are scattered on these sites, and mapped via a city roam.

After the first rains, the seed-balls decompose, providing enough
nourishment for the fragile seedlings. In 2-3 years, the gardens should become fully grown and self-sustaining. It is hoped the sites evolve of their own accord - into patches of autonomous organic wilderness in the midst of an urban jungle, grown and molded by their surroundings,
care-takers and temporary dwellers. Industrial ruins overgrown by mutated nature, car-parks, rooftop gardens and corner-parks, remnant islands of diverse local vegetation...

Children Welcome

The seed-balls were first rolled by the Japanese biologist Masanobu
Fukuoka www.seedballs.com
More information groworld visit: http://fo.am/groworld