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Aqua Dentata + These Feathers Have Plumes + Bbblood + Cheapmachines

Sat 7 July 2012 // 20:00

(Saturday 7 July / 8pm / £7)

No photo of them four sitting on the lions in T. Square but blast drones and other weirds. Trans-chimeric-exp.

Aqua Dentata
Skewed atmospheres, inequalities of the surface, all now is wild seas, vibes - "collapsing in on themselves, distilling into vacuumed interzone voids and spectral whispers that may never even have existed."

These Feathers Have Plumes
Or the unwordly migration from the depths to the light's lines. Smoke... http://www.thesefeathershaveplumes.com

Initials eponyms. Hybris & Nemesis. Wwsshh sic.

Enter radiance of levitating grey stone's memories. Aweeeeeeee