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The Apartment

Mon 12 December 2011 // 20:00
Tue 13 December 2011 // 20:00 *

(Mon 12th - Wed 14th Dec / 8pm / £5/4/3 ttt)
(Billy Wilder / 1960 / USA / B&W / 125 minutes)

Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine sparkle in Billy Wilder's Oscar winner. The apartment in question belongs to C.C. Baxter (Lemmon) a junior executive who gets leaned on by various bosses for a lend of his door key for their extra marital activities. Baxter gets a promise of promotion but spends his nights on park benches and gets complaints from the neighbours. Things get even more difficult for him when the MD wants to join the party - and the girl he wants to bring along is Fran Landesman (MacLaine) the lift operator who Baxter has fallen for. A beautiful, funny, heartbreaking Hollywood classic for the festive season.