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What The Eye Sees Presents Tabloid

Thu 26 January 2012 // 20:00

(Thurs 26th Jan / 8pm / £5/4)
(Errol Morris / USA / 2010 / 87 minutes)

Thirty years before sensational publicity antics were par for the course for any would-be fame seeker, Joyce McKinney made her mark as a peerless tabloid queen. In Tabloid, Academy Award-winning film maker Errol Morris (The Fog of War/ Gates of Heaven) follows the salacious adventures of the American beauty queen with an IQ of 168, who became the centre of tabloid frenzy in Seventies’ Britain when she was arrested for kidnapping her Mormon boyfriend, imprisoning him and raping him in a Devon cottage...

Errol Morris is a hugely interesting non-fiction film-maker. Describing all his films as like “trawling for the ineffable”, Morris says: “There are always two mysteries: the mystery of what happened and the mystery of what was inside people’s heads. Who pulled the trigger and what were they thinking? I think they are both present in Tabloid.”