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20th Century Cube Presents Silent Running

Tue 3 January 2012 // 20:00

(Tuesday 3rd January / 8pm / £5/4)
(Douglas Trumbull / 1972 / USA / 89 minutes / certificate U)

Bruce Dern plays Freeman Lowell, a crew member of a spaceship charged with destroying the last remnants of natural life from Earth. But Freeman goes rogue... Douglas Trumbull (the humanoid responsible for the special effects in 2001: A Space Odyssey) directed this ecological fable in 1972 and it has continued to win over new audiences with its radical environmentalist philosophy to this day. Come join us on 20th Century Cube's 5th excursion: a journey into the dark heart of man and nature, on a big screen surrounded by strangers in a dark room. Bring a plant. (This will be a Blu-Ray projection!)