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Bleeding Heart Narrative / Mat Riviere / Bastardgeist

Sat 26 November 2011 // 20:00

(Saturday 26 Nov / 8pm / £4 advance, £6 on the door)

BLEEDING HEART NARRATIVE are a London sextet who weave together beautiful sounds with a haunting intensity. As interested in textures and orchestration as they are with rhythm and melody, theirs is a distinctive and captivating style that never settles on a single genre or approach. In creating their own music, Bleeding Heart Narrative incorporate their more abstract influences into traditional song structures, applying pop sensibilities to them as they go. You might hear the shimmer of Tortoise or Steve Reich built into a song that could be played on an Arcade Fire-sized stage, or pick out a Battles-esque repetition in a Mogwai-sized crescendo - but it'll always be Bleeding Heart Narrative you're listening to.


"Bison" is their first release on Brainlove Records, and follows their acclaimed 2010 album "Tongue Tangled Hair". There are links though: band leader Oliver Barrett (also of Petrels) has remixed Brainlove artists, and is currently writing with Mat Riviere, who joins them on this tour, along with Brainlove label-mate Bastardgeist, all the way from Chicago.

The Pigeon Post describes MAT RIVIERE better than I ever could: "He’s an absolute master of making bleak pop that specialises in warming you up but making you feel a little bit unloved... the crashing casio rhythms mixed with Riviere’s unique voice creates something so unique that words can’t really illustrate. It is a little bit industrial, it is slightly harrowing, but the work Mat does is ultimately beautiful and unlike anything else."


Through layers of kalimba, processed vocals, and a handful of circuitous samples and found percussion BASTARDGEIST explores the politics and isolation of sexuality through abstract lyrical fragments intermittently obscured by ethereal washes of ambient texture and frank, heart-wrenching melodies.


This is one of the few nights when all three acts appear together on the bill for this tour, don't miss out!