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Hellfire Video Club Present A Night Of Psych-fi, With Zardoz

Fri 25 November 2011 // 20:00

(Fri 25th Nov / 8pm / £5)
(John Boorman / UK / 1974 / 105 minutes / Cert 15)

The Hellfire Video Club is back once again with another double-bill of psychotropic cinema, with DJs in the bar playing the weirdest records they could find down the back of the sofa.

Tonight’s main feature is lesser-spotted Sean-Connery-in-a-bikini epic “ZARDOZ”, directed by the legendary John Boorman (Point Blank, Deliverance, Excalibur). It’s a little difficult to summarise a plot that involves the worship of a giant floating stone head which spews out ammunition when fed with grain, all the while preaching that 'the gun is good, the penis is evil', so maybe it’s best not to try. Suffice to say the film is rather eccentric, and its lush, demented visuals are best appreciated on the big screen for maximum disorientation.
To follow this is a hugely camp 70’s Euro ‘Star Wars’ rip-off that is jam-packed with bonkers no-budget effects. This promises to be a powerful night of psychedelic psi-fi.

In the bar the Hellfire DJs will be playing futuristic freak-funk from a galaxy far, far away. And also from the car boot.