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Midnight Movie The Eiger Sanction

Fri 7 October 2011 // 23:00

(Friday 7th / Midnight movie 11pm / £5/4)

(Clint Eastwood / 1975 / USA / 123 minutes / 35mm / cert 15)

Clint Eastwood directed, starred and did all his own stunts including the most of the climbing in this mountain thriller. In a way a unique film for its location specific action (see the very comprehensive website below) and climbing scenes which had the important guidance of the likes of Dougal Heston and Mike Hoover. Worth seeing even just for Eastwood and George Kennedy after they'd just climbed the Totem Pole.

The Eiger Sanction becomes is interesting for its rich topographical detail, the drama for which sets itself mostly around various rocks in Zion Canyon and Monument Valley in the USA and the Eiger north face in the Swiss Alps. The Eiger north face nickname of Mordwand (death wall) is well deserved as British Climber David Knowles died during the filming.

A time piece rarely seen on the big screen.

The Eiger Sanction location breakdown.