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20th Century Cube Presents 'sullivans Travels'

Thu 3 November 2011 // 20:00

(Thurs 3rd Nov / 7.30pm / £5/4)
(Preston Sturges / USA / 1941 / 90 minutes / certificate PG)

In what will be our fourth presentation, 20th Century Cube have selected Preston Sturges' opus 'Sullivan's Travels' to be our next screening. Made in 1941, the film follows the travails of our protagonist as he admirably endeavours to make a film: One with meaning... One that will resonate with the common man! He's already got a great title for it ('O Brother, Where Art Thou'), but having established himself as a master of lowbrow comedies, will his foray into worthy drama bring him the respect he craves? Come join us at The Cube and find out, or just come along to gawp at Veronica Lake on the big screen... that's also fine.