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Siskiyou + Silver Pyre + I Know I Have No Collar

Sat 12 November 2011 // 20:00

(Saturday 12 Nov / 8pm / £4 advance, £6 on the door)

SISKIYOU is not a folk band. Sure, behind the distinct shiver of
Colin Huebert’s whisper/wail you’ll hear pleasantly plucked acoustic guitars, banjos, slide guitars, and gently brushed drums. But there’s something more sinister here, in the sound, in the words. From the crackling of old AM radio tuners, to the squelching feedback of some electric guitar abandoned by its amplifier, the band’s songs play with conventional arrangements like a spectre would some weary travellers in an old hotel.

The Canadian four piece is the result of a partnership between Huebert (formerly of Great Lake Swimmers) and Erik Arnesen (still a Great Lake Swimmer). With the help of two other multi-instrumentalists from Vancouver they meticulously build strange and lush arrangements around charmed moments, using guitar, banjo, piano, voices, and assorted percussion to balance the energy of an epiphany with a modest, methodical attention to detail.

SILVER PYRE forge a sound of archaic electronics, with catchy, futurist songcraft calling forth a sense of excavation through the layers of the British landscape. Primarily the work of Gary Fawle, joined for the live arena by David Edwards (Minotaur Shock) adding new electronic twists, and Dave Collingwood's (Gravenhurst, Yann Tiersen) expansive drum propulsion.

I KNOW I HAVE NO COLLAR sing songs about Kansas and mosquitoes over xylophone pings like lightning bugs and four hands at play on piano. It’s the sound of anti-heroes made good, the déjà vu of awkward adolescence, optimism, Peanuts cartoons, and the legacy of K Records.