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Diatribes Sextet / Vultures Quartet / Child Mole

Mon 31 October 2011 // 20:00

Monday 31 October // 8pm // £5

The DIATRIBES SEXTET - comprised of stringed instruments, percussion and drums, amplified objects and computer generated sound - lends itself to evolving rhythm and texture, rather than ‘taking turns’ improvisation. This band endeavour to play as one instrument, taking advantage of huge possibilities for
dynamic and colour, an ability to make deft collective changes, and a desire to celebrate all forms of sound from full throttled rhythm to threadbare textures and more.

Diatribes (laptop + perc) http://www.dincise.net/diatribes/home.html
Hannah Marshall (cello) http://www.myspace.com/hannahmarshallmusician
Dominic Lash (doublebass) http://www.dominiclash.co.uk/
Patrick Farmer (perc) http://compostandheight.blogspot.com/
Phill Durrant (laptop), http://www.efi.group.shef.ac.uk/musician/mdurrant.html
Matt Chilton, Will Connor and Anthony Donovan are the VULTURES QUARTET, mixing electro-acoustic, dark ambient, free jazz and industrial, utilising conventional instruments played unconventionally, open-source software, found objects, homemade instruments and electronics, to create unhinged sounds.

CHILD MOLE takes ideas from all sorts of instrumental/electronic music, especially rap music, using sideband compression and noisy, pitched-down, low-voltage samples to make music he describes as "sludgy".