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Hellfire Video Club Presents Melt Night, Featuring Street Trash

Fri 16 September 2011 // 20:00

(Friday 16th / 8pm / £5)

The Hellfire Video Club returns with another double dose of mind-melting movies b/w DJs in the bar exploring the fringes of their record collections to air out some of the wildest and weirdest slices of dancefloor kryptonite they own.

Tonight’s main feature is Jim Muro’s seminal slime-fest “Street Trash”. The plot revolves around how the vagrant population reacts to a batch of highly toxic vintage booze that gets released into circulation whilst veering off on a few fairly ugly tangents. Boasting some of the most splatterific SFX of the 1980s, a plot that gleefully aims to offend pretty much every demographic possible and all filmed with some pioneering use of steadicam (by the guy who went on to film Titanic!) we are very excited to see this on the big screen. Followed by another equally gooey 1980’s drive-in mess.

In the bar the Hellfire DJs will be playing a bunch of junk that may or may not have come straight from the soundtrack to some 80’s B-Movie. Expect crappy synths and drum machines.