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Alexander Tucker + Skjølbrot + Ratatosk

Sat 11 June 2011 // 20:00

(Sat 11th June / 8pm / £6 advance)

English folk outsider Alexander Tucker is a songwriter with a difference. His deconstructed folk songs are a mesmerising blend of delicate string
arrangements, electronic manipulations and haunting, lonesome vocals. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Tucker layers guitar, cello and mandolin to create eerie, woodland soundscapes, and a huge orchestral sound.

“symphonic textures and miasmic chord changes that will grab your attention...a hybrid between ancient sounds and the psychedelic capacities of one man.” – Pitchfork

“his guitar work hints at everything from Led Zeppelin's most stately to My Bloody Valentine's most cryptic, no bad place to be.” – Plan B

Tucker’s recorded material has been released to critical acclaim, including three albums for ATP Recordings, and one soon to be released on Thrill Jockey. He has also branched out into other projects, including the avant-rock of Ginnungagap (with Stephen O’Malley of SunnO)))/Khanate etc) and the tape loop experiments of Imbogodom.

Support tonight comes Skjølbrot, aka Hunting Lodge’s Dan Bennett, with his beautiful collection of sound collages, combining electro-acoustic techniques with field recordings and electronics, plus the immense talents of Cardiff based musician Ratatosk providing minimal, ambient folk songs.