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Damon & Naomi With Kurihara + Richard Youngs

Sat 14 May 2011 // 20:00

(Sat 14th / £8 advance / 7pm)

An amazing bill of artists that have played in a bundle of sublime incarnations but have their own true voices and sounds and perfect weirdness.

Damon & Naomi are v. famous from being in Galaxie 500 as well as their pursuits in the written word and duo work. Tonite they play with stella axe man Michio Kurihara from Ghost / Boris. Richard Youngs has one of the most naturally spectacular and irreverent back catalogue and his beautifully warped oeuvre takes in folk songs/tape noise/cosmic electronic and sheer pop and savage prog. Tonite Damon joins him on drums.

This pairing playing together is a night to stay Cubed for.

Plus Silver Pyre - the work of Gary Fawle, imbuing deep, rich west country drones with flickering Detroit textures, loading up rural-meets-urban anthems from his forthcoming début album proper.


A Qu Junktions / SheildShaped / Cube OneOff