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Horror Secks: Night Of The Loving Dead

Fri 28 October 2011 // 22:30

10:30pm 'til it's safe // £2 entry or free to those from earlier this evening

Following tonight's special event (live re-score of Last Man on Earth), feel invited to shuffle along, arms aloft in search of brains. Disco-horror themes abound.

Come dressed up for the night and win a prize (brains), otherwise come with something to fight off the turbo island horde* cos we're hunkering down until its safe to go out!

Featuring scary 8 bit video games in the lounge and musical exploits in the bar courtesy of Cheddar George, DJ Batger, The Boom Operator, Mr Lux and the Cube's very own DJ Bison Quest (aka Grandpa Cosby)... think funk, disco, hip hop, doo wop, HORROR! and dancing, always always dancing.

* please don't bring weapons, bring love; zombie love - just be sure not to get bitten. gnnnnnrrrrrrrrrrr