Ad Astra Zero G Party

Fri 8 April 2005 // 20:00

AD ASTRA search for intelligent life
(Fri 8th / 8pm / £2 or free in alien costume)
45 years ago on this day saw the launch of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intellegence (SETI) project. Exactly 34 years later Kurt Cobain was found dead (some say murdered)- full of heroine and shotgun lead. Were these 2 events connected? Probably not. Despite this The Ad Astra filmclub hosts a nite of close encounters celebrating all things FROM BEYOND, imagining poor Kurt to be up there somewhere floating around, jamming with Jimi, Elvis and ET.
Get on your best silver catsuit/face-hugger head dress and beam yourself down by here for wacked out sci-fi films and space monster classics, plus DJs from the year 5000. Pan-galactic gargleblasters 2-for-1.