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Body Presence And Stable Resonant Voicing Workshop

Thu 3 March 2011 // 17:30

A series of group and individual workshops facilitated by Lars Feistkorn.
"During my opera studies the development of body, voice and expression revealed many aspects that go far beyond style and singing over all. To gain strength without growing stiff turned out to be essential. Stable flexibility that helps us to use the voice in various ways of speaking and singing. Learning to liberate respiration, A relaxed upright body posture, The merging of letters, forming words, meaning, clearly."

"So what we do in the work I am offering is a combination of body and voice exercise that is both fine and strong. Very little movements and big movements, speed, slowness, Focusing and letting go, . . ."

"This entails elements of Breathing exercises - Vocal and language training - Isometrics - Yoga - Feldenkrais Method - Physiotherapy - Acupressure - Dance - Micro-moves – Autogenic training"

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A few places remain. Advance booking required. Contact Lars.feistkorn at gmail.com; phone +49 30 44044161 (land-line).