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Publick Transport Present The Department Of Smelling Pistakes

Wed 23 March 2011 // 20:00

(Weds 23rd / 8pm / £6 tbc)

Live performance from Publick Transport.

Set in a Tatiesque-cum-Orwellian world of tannoy broadcasts, random directives, microdots and listening devices, 'The Department of Smelling Pistakes' is a delightfully daft piece of slapstick comedy about a Soviet civil servant's attempt to hold onto his job even though he can't remember what it is, while an Inspector threatens to wrestle if from him by putting him through a series of bizarre tests. Speaking in suspect Russian accents and communicating in what appears to be poorly translated English, the pair stumble through one
misunderstanding after another as they try to outdo each other at political correctness. An hilarious satire on mind-numbing bureaucracy and Party paranoia, with spadefuls of surreal comedy and wordfoolery.

"A hilarious caricature of the stifling formalities and hierarchies of office life, channelling Reggie Perrin, Kafka, Beckett and the Goons"..."a thing of sublime comic beauty." Venue Magazine