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London Snorkelling Team

Fri 6 May 2011 // 20:00

(Fri 6th May / 8pm / £6/5)

Carefully crafted entertainment that includes music, magic, science and moving pictures. The Island is an off-kilter comedy, musical and theatrical experience set on an imaginary small island.

The London Snorkelling Team write short, sharp tunes that reflect a love of unusual instruments, wonky cartoon music and 1950s exotica. They’ve played to audiences across London and beyond, from the Shunt Vaults to the South Bank to Latitude Festival.

The Team are Will Adamsdale (Perrier Award winner for Jackson's Way), Ed Gaughan (star of Michael Powell Award winning Skeletons), The Perrett Brothers and musicians Tom Haines, Chris Branch, Ross Hughes and Pascal Wyse. A wildly inventive ensemble – whose instruments include Moog, baby bass and coconut shells – they imagine their music may have happened sometime in the 1950s, perhaps at a cocktail party for experimental scientists with a fascination for cartoons. Their first album Audio Recording and Map (as played on Jarvis Cocker’s BBC radio show) is a guide, complete with map, to the imaginary island where the party happens.

The live show takes place on the island, broadcast from the historic radio theatre. Prepare to be transported to an evening of exotic music, virtuosic handling of a classroom overhead projector, inaccurate conjuring and entry-level voodoo.

‘Never before have I seen such musical competence mixed with such carefully arranged incompetence and cunning humour’ Jonny Trunk
‘Very high quality tinkly-bonk’ Richard Williams, Guardian
‘The London Snorkelling Team inspire references to lounge-lizard jazz, vintage TV themes and all manner of quirky library LP sounds… Recommended’ Bookmat...