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'the Brothers Unconnected' A Tribute To Sun City Girls And Charles Gocher + Very Very Very Special Guests

Tue 10 May 2011 // 20:00

(Tue 10th May / 7.30pm / £8 advance)

This night has a thousand stars, some not here but all burning bright. The Brothers Unconnected is a tribute to the legendary band Sun City Girls by two of its founder members the Bishop brothers Alan Bishop (Sublime Frequencies/Uncle Jim) and Richard Bishop (Sir/Rangda). They will be performing Sun City Girls songs as an acoustic guitar duet.

Sun City Girls were an borderless, peerless and f***ing take no prisoners music trio from the United States founded in 1981. Beyond art and cliché, they did what they felt right and to hell with convention. Charles Gocher joined as percussionist in 1982 and SCG went on to become what many have described as North America’s most innovative and influential underground group. In February of 2007, after a long battle with cancer, Gocher passed away. Alan and Richard immediately decided that Sun City Girls will no longer exist as a recording or performing entity. A private memorial was held shortly after and during the summer of 2008 the Bishop Brothers toured North America under the name The Brothers Unconnected: A tribute to Sun City Girls and Charles Gocher. With that tour, Alan and Rick made good on their vow to publicly honour Charlie, his memory, and his immense talent. Now they arrive in Europe, invited by Animal Collective to play at their ATP and to play underground shows up and down Europe. This is rare chance to see them perform together.

Here is them on TV recently in Lebanon
Keep eyes open for Secret Guests!