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Wed 28 September 2011 // 20:00

(Wed 28th / 8pm / Filmmakers in for Free! Others £3/2)

Bluescreen is Bristols longest running Independent OPEN Screen Film event! 10 years old this year! Bring your films & come celebrate with us!

New to Bluescreen? All you need to do is: Bring films tonight on DVD or Mini DV under 20mins. Simple as that!

Any film genre welcomed, the more eclectic mix the better!

Get YOUR films on the Cubes Big Blue Screen, Films on the Cinema screen, you really cant beat it! Not got a film? Come and be inspired!

Plus some classic films from the Bluescreen Archive, Cube Orchestra rescores & Bluescreen Hi-Fi DJs.

FFI: bluescreen@sparror.cubecinema.com