Inside The Outsider: Arthur Russell + Jandek Films

Mon 4 April 2005 // 19:30

(Mon 4th / 7.30pm / £3)
A Qu Junktion with DJs in the bar

Inside the outsider: two compelling portraits of visionary, one-off musicians who've existed independent of passing fashions. Bound to be an inspiring night.
(Phill Niblock / 1985, re: 2004 / USA / 19 min + 33 min / DVD / uncert)
Disco visionary, virtuoso cellist, scholar of Indian classical music - it could only be ARTHUR RUSSELL, a musician whose legacy had been criminally overlooked until a glut of reissues on SOUL JAZZ and ROUGH TRADE/AUDIKA came out last year.
A musician born to blur the boundaries, he settled in New York in 1973, working with the likes of PHILIP GLASS, ALLEN GINSBERG and JOHN CAGE, while
simultaneously providing some of the most influential disco hits for celebrity DJs NICKY SIANO and LARRY LEVAN under aliases DINOSAUR L, LOOSE JOINTS and INDIAN OCEAN.

Tonight we screen incredibly rare live footage of Russell performing tracks from his most extraordinary album, WORLD OF ECHO (1986), an awe inspiring cosmic dub out of cello riffs, vocal mantras and subtle distortion recorded by American minimalist/videographer PHILL NIBLOCK.

(Chad Friedrichs / 2003 / USA 88 min / DVD / uncert)

The longest-running, weirdest, loneliest enigma in popular music is a guy from Texas who calls himself JANDEK. 25 years, 39 albums and not a single live show or public appearance (until, mysteriously last year in Scotland!). There is nothing but his records. At first his music may seem crude or inept, but upon exploration it reveals incredible depth, intelligence, feeling, and rewards for the listener. Followers include YO LA TENGO, LOW and WILL OLDHAM.

The documentary film Jandek on Corwood definitively sheds light upon the layers of mystery that enshrine the ultimate outisder musician. Featuring revealing interviews, evocative imagery and one of the most bizarre and compelling soundtracks in film history, JANDEK ON CORWOOD will challenge the viewer’s conception of music, art and the nature of celebrity.