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Bristol Encounters: Captain Zip Fetish Film Night

Sun 20 November 2011 // 20:00

(Sun 20th Nov / 8pm / £6/5)

Captain Zip's super 8 documentaries about the fetish scene include public displays of fetishism, a Sex-Workers' Pride demo, Mistress Alexia teaching correct use of a whip, and private play in fetish dungeons.

See fetishists under police escort marching to campaign for better understanding of this taboo subject - featuring human ponies, rubberists, whips, high heels and plenty of discipline.

As well as visiting Stables Market at Camden, a place now tame and tedious by comparison, we visit two fetish dungeons to reveal caning, restraining, hooding and punishment by Mistress Feral, Mistress Mercedez, Jungle Black Widow and Amante Della Goma whose Streatham dungeon boasted ancient Egyptian decor and a Transylvanian coffin.

It was in 1998 that Kodak last issued striped Super 8 film for lip-sync sound. Zip used it for 'Metal Carew', a documentary about erotic metalwear maker Lisa Carew and her daring publicity stunts on Tower Bridge and Brighton Seafront.
Join us for this one-off night of fetish fun.