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What The Eye Sees : Waste Land

Thu 21 April 2011 // 20:00

Thurs April 21st 8pm £5

(Lucy Walker / 2010 / USA / 98 minutes / certificate PG / 35mm)

Waste Land was a stand out documentary from last years film festivals and we are pleased at the Cube to be screening it finally as part of our monthly documentary night - What the Eye Sees. This is a night of film looking into the genre of documentary and the nature of documentaries, in this case contemporary and filmed for cinema by documentary specialist Lucy Walker.

Walker's approach may seem superficial but it allows for the characters to tell their own story and give the audience a breath to enjoy the project unfold. This is one of the generation of cinema documentaries when the captivating story impresses us for its simplicity and a slice of life view of the Jardim Gramacho, without wrestling in depth with the social issues (lets not get to het up hey folks).

The film follows a New York artist, Vik Muniz as he embarks on an ambitious artistic project returning to his native Rio de Janeiro. He spends time in the largest rubbish dumps in the world, Jardim Gramacho, with the community of people who make the dump their world and their source of income. Interacting with the community he gets them to help him use the dump creatively and build something beautiful, from them out of the debris.

The film is interesting on many levels and the works that Vik produces out of the project are undeniably touching and beautiful.