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What The Eye Sees: Nenette

Thu 17 March 2011 // 20:00

(Thu 17th / 8pm / £5/4)
(Nicolas Philibert / France / 2010 / 70 minutes / Certificate PG / subtitled)
Nénette is a forty-something orang-utan who was born in a Borneo jungle but has been living in a Parisian zoo since she was three years old; she’s spent more time there than any member of staff. Large, hairy, and convalescing after major surgery, she shares a straw-filled home with three others and, being the star resident, she sees hundreds of human visitors file past each day.

Director Nicolas Philibert’s camera remains on one side of the glass, always gazing in at Nénette and her fellow house-mates. People are present only as occasional reflections, or as disembodied voices. Zoo staff tell of Nénette’s life, and admiring visitors are heard wondering what she might be thinking about as she looks back at them. But no-one can ever know, so what’s quietly revealed are our own human contemplations. (–So, who’s watching who?…)
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