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Genius Within: The Inner Life Of Glenn Gould

Tue 8 February 2011 // 20:00
Wed 9 February 2011 // 20:00
Thu 10 February 2011 // 20:00

(Tue 8th - Fri 11th / 8pm (9pm on Friday 11th) / £5/4)
(Michèle Hozer & Peter Raymont / Canada / 2010 / 1h 46 minutes / certificate PG)

The Canadian pianist Glenn Gould has been a figure of fascination since he burst onto the classical music scene, with startling virtuosity and an unusual brand of flamboyance, in the 1950s. His interpretations of the piano repertory — the work of Bach in particular — were fresh and provocative, and his
self-presentation was both matinee-idol charismatic and winningly odd.
As Gould’s celebrity grew, some of his peculiarities became as famous as his playing. He insisted on sitting in a special low-slung chair, so that his long arms seemed to angle upward to the keyboard. He wore scarves, gloves and overcoats in all kinds of weather. He rambled charmingly in interviews and hummed loudly onstage.

Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould weaves together an unprecedented array of never before seen footage of Gould, photographs and excerpts from his private home recordings and diaries plus personal interviews with Gould’s most intimate friends and lovers, some who have never spoken about him publicly before, to reconstruct his thoughts on music, art, society, love, and life.
‘I’m very much the anti-hero in real life, but I compensate madly in my dreams’ Glenn Gould