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Into Eternity

Sun 9 January 2011 // 19:00

(Sun 9th, Tues 11th to Friday 14th / 8pm / £4/3/2 TTT)
(Michael Madsen / 2010 / 75 minutes / Finland (in English) / certificate 15)
In Finland, construction of the first ever giant subterranean nuclear waste tomb is under way. Madsen's documentary takes us 500 metres beneath ground level at Onkalo, the Finnish nuclear waste repository now under development which has to last for over 100,000 years in order to contain a huge dump of nuclear waste. In this extraordinary insight into a testimony of our time, and a almost
unfathomable question of legacy for the future (far far away) he briefly looks at the attempts of scientists to design methods to warn future generations away from the site.