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Secks: A Dirty House Party

Sat 22 January 2011 // 21:00

(Sat 22nd / 9 pm 'til late! / £2)

Push back the tables and chairs, set up the decks, warn the neighbours - we're gonna have a haus party! A nano-rave in the bar, visual stimulation in the auditorium, dancing, hugging, nonsensical chit-chat and even a SNES in the lounge - what more could you ask for? We've even spiked the punch. Bring your old friends, leave with new friends & throw some shapes in between. It's like those house* parties you hear about, but real. For real!

We've got some real musical treats lined up... Colonist will be playing live in the bar, possibly involving some old analogue equipment and some looping keyboards. Added to that is a whole host of the Cube's favourite DJs including our very own And, along with Mr Lux & the Boom Operator, plus a few more for good measure. Make sure you've got your dancing shoes on!

* house not included