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Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Where Are The Women? Here They Are!

Mon 10 January 2011 // 20:00

(Mon 10th / 8pm / £4/3 but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds)

Bristol Feminist Network, Bristol Fawcett have worked together over the last few years to raise awareness of the representation of women in the media. We were endlessly struck by the sheer absence of women from our culture - from the lack of women performing in comedy clubs, to the lack of women headlining gigs, and the dearth of films being shown by women directors and writers. The lack of women's voices on the radio, the invisibility of women on our TV screens and in our newspapers (except when wearing not much or to comment on women wearing not much...)

Tonight is designed to change all that. We are here to celebrate the talent and creativity of women, from film makers, musicians, comedians and artists.
This is a night to end the absence of women in our cultural landscape.