Campari Safari

Sat 23 April 2005 // 20:00

(Sat 23rd / 8pm / £5)

Campari takes creative shellshock at the Cube this spring with a program of music and art in our middle of the decade millennium jetlag.


- The Fog band, new signees to the legendary Purr Label and “artrocker” faves’, new wave angular amazing ness.
- New grand smoking palace rockabilly sexy strut music
- Awesome Campari stage set.

- Campari cocktails, served by international euro-trash females – over here and on our dole.
- Art of Kitsch interiors with mobile disco.
- D . j. duo NUT TRACE ALERGY feat “ethereal john peel”.
- Nina aka Willie cat jrn’. (risking 9 lives purring in tune with the sounds of the alleys)(special guests)
- Guests t.b.c

- “My head / your B.E.D” art installation (rear of bar), sit down/scum out with comedy pornography+pop stars you sweat for.
- Yoshino Shigihara - Video artist (performance based video art) in the bar and auditorium

For Sale>>>
- Signed copies of Campari SHAM-ZINE (number none bestseller)

- mat 07837282766
- rob 07752513052