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I'm Still Here

Sun 28 November 2010 // 20:00
Mon 29 November 2010 // 21:00
Tue 30 November 2010 // 20:00
Wed 1 December 2010 // 20:00

(Sun 28th @ 8pm, Mon 29th @ 9pm, Tues 30th @ 8pm / £4/3/2 SSS)
(Casey Affleck / 2010 / USA / 108 minutes / cert 15)

In 2008 Joaquin Phoenix announced that he'd decided to retire from acting and concentrate on a new career as a rap singer, a medium for which he clearly has no talent. A subsequent appearance on the Letterman show in which he mumbled through an unruly beard lead to speculation that he had some sort of meltdown. Casey Affleck's documentary follows Phoenix for a year and we see him hire hookers, snort cocaine, down prodigious quantities of alcohol, abuse his paid assistants and fight with a mocking audience in Miami until he is dragged off stage. It looks like a fly on the wall portrait but Phoenix is credited as one of the writers and Affleck has hinted that the whole thing may be a hoax. But is he double-bluffing? You decide.