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Vodou Film Night

Fri 21 January 2011 // 20:00

(Fri 21st / 8pm / £4)

The Cube Cinema will be showing the amazing 2002 documentary Des Hommes et Dieux about gay men in the Vodou religion. There’ll also be a special extra screening of a second secret surprise documentary, an introductory talk by vodou expert Dr Bettina Schmidt, an installation by artist Emma Lilwall, clips from Hollywood “voodoo” movies, and DJ The Janitor from QuJunctions spinning Haitian sounds in the bar.

Haitian Vodou must be one of the most misrepresented religions in the world. Since 1932’s “White Zombie” starring Bela Lugosi, Hollywood movies have portrayed “voodoo” as being about black magic and zombies.
In fact Vodou is a complex mix of Western African religions brought over by the original slave population, which incorporated the iconography of the slave masters’ Roman Catholicism and Free Masonry.
It is also a deeply egalitarian, communal, and artistically creative religion which has stubbornly survived two centuries of negative propaganda from the ex-colonial powers and evangelical Christianity.

Tonight’s event is an opportunity to see some films that are very rarely screened in the UK and find out about a religion and culture that is often deeply misunderstood.

This event is a HAITI KIDS KINO PROJECT fund-raiser.