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Sprockets And Dust And The Magnificent Revolution Present Metropolis

Sun 12 December 2010 // 19:30

(Sun 12th / 7.30pm / £5)

The power grids have been knocked out all over the city. It is cold, it is dark, it is silent. A gigantic machine beats the heart of the massive city of Metropolis, all parts thrusting, pounding and turning. And on the Cube stage, eight bicycles operate in the realm of light, take control of the legs, arms and bodies, that move on them. The electricity for this screening of Fritz Lang's remastered sci-fi epic will be produced by the cyclists – you, the audience. With live music from Georgy 11811. Metropolis: a throbbing, dystopian uber-city, where a decadent aristocracy thrives on the sweat of the labouring hoards underground, where human forces are driven to exploit each other and live in perpetual anxiety. A dark fairy tale that pits man against machine, the head against the heart, and the good Human Maria against the bad Robot Maria.
Bring torches, warm clothes and blankets. Expect rum hot chocolates, hot toddies and roasted chestnuts from the brazier in the garden

Magnificent Revolution has been running bicycle powered cinemas since the summer of 2007.

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