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Encounters At The Cube: Man Eater Mountain

Fri 19 November 2010 // 20:00

(Friday 19th / 8pm / £5)

Ero Guro Anime Night: A selection of nightmarishly morbid animations totalling 112 minutes from the Japanese underground, introduced by Jasper Sharp of Midnight Eye.

Metempsychosis (Nouryou anime: denkyuu ika matsuri)
(Naoyuki NIIYA / 5 minutes / 1993)

Man-Eater Mountain (Hitokui-yama)
(Naoyuki NIIYA / 28 minutes / 2008)
We are pleased to welcome Takuro Kochi, the sound designer for Man-Eater Mountain to introduce the film.

The Death Lullaby (Nido to me samenu komoriuta)
(Hiroshi HARADA / 27 minutes / 1985)

Midori: The Girl in the Freak Show (Shojo tsubaki: Chika gento gekiga “Midori”) (Hiroshi HARADA / 52 minutes / 1992)

Zipangu Fest

Overview: Zipangu Fest , the first UK-wide rockin' festival exclusively devoted to Japanese cinema - Japanarchy in the UK!Mission:

When Marco Polo embarked on his epic adventures to the East in the 13th century, he returned with tales of a distant island known as Zipangu, rich in enormous quantities of silver and gold. Using sound and image, Zipangu Fest aims to bring that land we now know as Japan to our own island kingdom, with a selection of some of the country’s finest features, shorts, documentaries, animations and experimental films.

Zipangu Fest strives to deliver the freshest approaches to Japanese film over the past decade. Zipangu Fest heralds the introduction of works, both new and old, previously unseen by a mainstream British film audience, showcasing the many identities of Japan as depicted by some of the country’s most exciting and revered talents.

Zipangu Fest: Japanarchy in the UK http://zipangufest.com/
Jasper Sharp: Writer & Film Curator Homepage http://jaspersharp.com/
Midnight Eye: The Latest and Best in Japanese Cinema http://www.midnighteye.com