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Alasdair Roberts And Cath And Phil Tyler

Wed 17 November 2010 // 19:35

(Wed 17th Nov / 7.30pm / £7)

To listen to Ali Roberts sing his first song of a set is akin to reading the opening page of an engrossing epic - you know there will be monsters, romance, and death ahead, all brought alive by a master weaver of myth, melodies and moralities.

Roberts’ repertoire is made up of his own compositions and jewels from the treasure trove of timeless Scottish folk songs he regularly plunders, delivering songs with his own deftly intricate guitar playing and a voice both bold and subject to fragility. He has shared stages with Joanna Newsom, Magnolia Electric Co, Smog and countless others. He keeps good company for sure.

“Scottish folk singer Alasdair Roberts is an anomaly. His appropriation of antique songs calls to mind the prospecting of Daniel Day-Lewis's oilman in There Will Be Blood: he performs the subterranean, hard-scrabble toil of research, then plunges his drill down deep, coming back with black gold.” - The Independent

A Qu Junktions Presentation.