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Hreda, Thought Forms + Anta

Fri 3 September 2010 // 20:00

(Fri 3rd Sept / 7.30pm / £6, £5 advance)

The Cube is very happy to welcome back HREDA; a band that manage to sound crushingly heavy and heavenly crushing at the same time. Mixing elements of Prog, Post-Rock and Post-Hardcore HREDA play like a well oiled steam train; the three minds of two guitars and drums combining to sound like a single, complex entity; bringing to mind Neurosis, Isis and GY!BE at their heaviest and most beautiful.

Releasing their début album on Bristol’s Invada Records, Thought Forms Come across like Bad Moon Rising era Sonic Youth crossed with Sunn O))) mixing in Grouper on vocals for good measure; This band are truly exhilarating and awe-inspiring live.

Anta lay on riffs like seismic plates then throw them around like drunken Gods at a birthday party. These are truly the children of King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Sleep and Isis.

Bar 'til late with sounds from Archaeologists of America Young Team.