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Wed 30 March 2011 // 20:00

(Wed 30th / 8pm / £3/2 - Film makers in for Free, but only one per film)
Bluescreen is Bristols longest running independent OPEN screen Film event! 10 years..

And we are back for our 2nd screenings in 2011 of locally made short films! And dont forget, we still need your films, its what Bluescreen is all about!

Make films? New to Bluescreen? Well, all you need to do is... Bring films, 20mins & under along tonight on DVDs, Mini DVs. Simple as that! Not got a film? Come and be inspired!

Continuing to celebrate our 10th anniversary year, we will also be digging into the Bluescreen Film Archive and screening some filmic treats from past Bluescreens!

Plus a coupla of (old Bluescreen) films re-soundtracked live courtesy of The Cube Orchestra and Music in the bar all night from one of the Bluescreen Hi-Fi DJ team!

Get YOUR films on the Cubes Big Blue Screen tonight! Films on the Cinema screen, as it should be!

Email: bluescreen@cubecinema.com