Million Dollar Baby

Tue 19 April 2005 // 20:00 *

(Clint Eastwood / 2004 / USA / 132 mins / 12A)
(tues 19th / 8pm / £2ttt)

At the age of 74, Clint Eastwood seems to show no signs of slowing up. Regularly wowing the members of the academy in his dotage, he has managed to once again bag the big awards with this, his 25th film as director. Shot in just 37 days, the film occasionally feels a little rushed, yet nevertheless packs a energetic punch better than that by filmmakers less than half his age. The story of a rags-to-riches boxer underdog is a familiar one, but given a refreshing twist by the presence of Hilary Swank as a girl trying to get ahead in a man's world. Oscars all round!