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Black Narcissus

Tue 6 July 2010 // 21:00

(Tue 6th / 9pm / £4/3)
(Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger / 1947 / UK / 100 minutes / cert A)
Faith versus desire is the theme of Powell and Pressburger's iconic drama. A group of British nuns establish a convent in a remote Himalayan palace, steeped in the remnants of its decadent past. Deborah Kerr is brilliant as the tortured Sister Clodagh questioning her own faith as one of her emotionally fragile charges is driven insane with lust for a local government agent (see David Farrah's thighs). For Black Narcissus, Cardiff conjured a Himalayan fantasy from studio sets: a rhapsody of lush jungle, rivers, precipitous snow- capped mountains and blood-orange sunsets.