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National Urban Orienteering Trials

Fri 22 April 2005 // 09:00

09:00 - 17:00 Friday 22 April 2005.

Join us for an everyday adventure.

The National Urban Orienteering Trials will open your
eyes to the wonders of the outdoors. Our exciting
competition will introduce you to the sport of Urban
Orienteering, help you improve your navigational
skills and provide you with an opportunity for

Urban orienteering is for everyone!

"Orienteering" is used in the broadest sense of the
word - innovation and lateral thinking are highly
desirable attributes.

Please let us know if you are planning to come so we
can have a map for you!

Format: Score Orienteering.

Registration: Opens 30 min before the start time at
Mina Road Park, St Weburghs, Bristol.

Competitors: can be teams or individuals.

Safety: The briefing at the beginning of the session
will include procedures to be followed in the event
the group is disoriented (lost), a group member is
incapacitated or the group is running well behind time.

Recommended equipment.
- Notepad and pencil.
- Compass or GPS.
- Folding bicycle or skateboard or inline skates.
- Money.

Bristol Mapping software and dataset (market value 5000 GBP).

Keep receipts of any purchases.