Fog + Arctic Circle

Wed 13 April 2005 // 20:00

(Wed 13th / 8pm / £6)

Having recently jumped over from Ninja Tune to Lex Records, Bristol beckons Andy Broder and his fantastic FOG project for an unmissable show in The Cube's special small room as part of a titchy Euro tour.

Formerly a master of gawky scratched-out folk and collaborator with Anticon's WHY? in HYMIE'S BASEMENT, Broder now arrives with a full fat four-piece band of sonic conspirators, (re)interpreting material old and new. Third album '10th Avenue Freakout' drops imminently with unruly disregard for generic limitations. Riding US college rock waves one moment, careering into violent improvised jazz-outs the next, all finely infused with a scuffed hip hop aesthetic and lyrics that graze the heart. Clear?

ARCTIC CIRCLE is Matthew Cheney, newly arrived from Glasgow with music that splices a classic pristine Scottish pop sensibility with lovably regressive analogue texture: an approach that should find him favour in Bristol, such a haven for tuneful electronic tinkers.