Bristol Indymedia Film Night - Peak Oil: The Party's Over

Tue 5 April 2005 // 20:00

(Tues 5th / 7.30pm / £2/3 - nobody turned away due to lack of funds)

This month's film night takes a look at the issue of Peak Oil. The world has already used half of its supply of oil and gas. And from here on in it gets harder to find and more expensive to produce. For every three barrels of oil we currently use, only one new one is found. The days of cheap energy are gone - the party's over.

The films feature contributions from RICHARD HEINBERG (author, 'The Party's Over: The End of the Age of Oil'), COLIN CAMPBELL (geologist & founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil), MICHAEL RUPERT (founder, and many more. Plus a short film about the upcoming RAF Brize Norton peace camp (running April 21st- 25th), highlighting local links to the global oil infrastructure.