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Mon 16 August 2010 // 21:00

Mon 16th-Wed 17th / 8pm / £4/£3/£2ttt
Francis Ford Coppola / 2009 / USA / 127 mins / cert 15

Coppola's new film, his first as a writer since The Conversation in 1974, starts off small and simple and ends like a Greek tragedy. Vincent Gallo is brilliant as Tetro, a spiky, tortured writer who has created a new life with his girlfriend in Buenos Aires. His past catches up with him when his
hero-worshipping younger brother tracks him down. The young man's unshakeable optimism and belief in his brother's talent pecks away at Tetro's stony cynicism and writer's block. But the story that is gathering dust in a cupboard is full of dark family secrets that the boy is unprepared for. Shot in black and white, it's a beautiful-looking film which harks back to Coppola's heyday.