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Winning Sperm Party Presents: Gummy Stumps, Gropetown + Damages

Fri 8 October 2010 // 20:00

(Fri 8th Oct / 7.30pm / £5, £4 advance)

The Cube is pleased to present a night featuring two of the best bands from Glasgow-based label Winning Sperm Party. Started by ex-Art Schoolers, the label puts on eclectic nights featuring the best of Glasgow’s burgeoning ‘Nae-Wave’ scene and has played host to international Avant-Garde acts.

Gummy Stumps come across like Mark E. Smith re-imagined as a Glaswegian tramp fighting with a bunch of Art School Wankers, but lazy references aside; sometimes the dichotomy between gruff Glaswegian banter/poetry and nerdy early 90’s American indie smoosh together just long enough to create something strangely poignant and weirdly beautiful, as on the brilliant tune ‘Jotters’.
Imagine, if you will, Trumans Water wiggling about by the canapés while big bullies Huggy Bear berate them from the sidelines and yr still no closer to figuring out what the fuck this is; Spasmodic, Jerky sounds with (maybe) boy/girl screaming are Gropetown’s bag right now. And that’s a good thing.
If you like yr Twee-Core with a bit of an edge then Damages are yr boy/girls. About as offensive as a rabbit having an argument with a toad in a top hat and just as much fun.

Tunes in the bar from Winning Sperm Party ‘til late